March meeting of Feltham History Group


Upon opening the March meeting the Chairman remarked as to the good attendance of both current and new visitors and hoped that the items on the agenda would be of interest.    


Under ‘items of interest’ the Secretary provided current information pertaining to the Hounslow Road/High Street Railway Bridge and confirmed that the concrete pedestrian foot bridge in Bedfont lane, erected in 1928, had been removed.


It is understood that a new ‘albeit’ temporary iron footbridge- spanning the line on the eastern side of the crossing and set from the Bus station to what was a car park of the Charity shop; this new footbridge is constructed to higher elevation and therefore consists of 3 stages which appears to make it difficult for those who have difficulty in getting around! They appear to have not proceeded with the ‘use’ of the internal station footbridge due possibly the inability to ‘vet’ every user, although it is understood that ’passes’ would be available for certain ‘users’.



Another matter concerned the revetment on the north side of the bridge – there is much activity relating to the removal of the earth that formed the embankment of 1848 thus revealing the ‘maiden’ - the Secretary asking if anyone could shed light on this’


The following subject concerned a project involving Hounslow and Rivers Academy [Longford] and a planned visit by five students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. The project centres round “Our Feltham” which is being hosted by Joyce Ip of London Borough of Hounslow and is scheduled for 19th March at Feltham Library. The students are seeking to compile information on Feltham’s industrial heritage through desk research, looking at archives and speaking to local historians.


The next item was ‘in the main’ a question on a group calling themselves Old Feltham Residents Association; it would appear that their field of activity concerned the area of Hanworth Road and surrounding street, why such a title should be used is bewildering as clearly the village of Feltham lies some mile from the Railway and the High Street!


The final matter on the agenda was the plan by South Western Railway to install a ‘Train Care Depot’ on the Feltham Concentration Yard aka Feltham Marshalling Yard. This, we are told, is to “homogenise” the introduction of new ‘10 coach trains’ the bulletin stating that one of the ‘qualities’ was that the new trains would have “air conditioning and toilets” what this has to do with Feltham folk is somewhat ‘etherising’


Short talk for the evening was given by Dr John Peaty on The Feltham MOD/RASC/REME Depot. Full transcript available from the author.