4th June 2019 meeting of Feltham History Group



Feltham History Group June Meeting 2019


The Chairman opened proceedings with his customary welcome continuing with an Item of interest concerning a local artist, Victor West – this was brought to our attention via a article in a local paper which concerned a ‘wall mural’ that has been uncovered at Fairholme Junior School, in addition to a request for further information a desire was expressed to restore the mural to its former glory.


Then following item concerned a request for cine-film taken between the dates 1950-1980 at London/Heathrow Airport; the request came via Howard Asbridge of Avion Video LLP (01822 860378) and those who may have such film may first like to donate to Hounslow Local Studies so as it could be documented


The next item was an update on the use of the Marshalling Yard site upon which a Train Servicing Yard is to be constructed. The Secretary attended an exhibition at St Giles Hotel where further detail on the proposal was available through a display and consultation with members of the construction team, whereas the project was in itself not too obtrusive a concern was access to the site; given that much building had taken near to the ex yard resulting in any proposed access point being a ‘bone of contention’ – it would appear that the only road access was the small lane that leads to the Railwaymen’s Associations Club,, which, as it was pointed out, was of limited width and its suitability for large vehicles to proceed without proving a deterioration in the surface of the lane.


The Secretary further reported that he had been contacted by Phil Wood MCIOB who is the Project Manager (Chartered Construction Manager) for the Train Concentration Yard who requested a short history of the site (to be arranged)


Under forthcoming Events members were made aware of:

Members were informed of certain events, they being:

The short talk for the evening was given by Roger Cowing on the full 12 Miles of The Longford River (detail on website)

Next meeting Tuesday 3rd September 2019