Feltham History Group

Tuesday 5th February  2019

Christ Church, Hanworth Road, Feltham @ 19:50

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Chairman’s welcome, members were accorded the customary welcome by the Chairman who informed members of the loss a very much cherished member, Mrs Mary Marshall. A moment of silence was observed


Under ‘Items of interest’ the Secretary spoke of the closure of another place of imbibe The Airman ‘closure’ was Sunday 9th December 2018, the Secretary continued with a brief history.

The  Airman opened for business February 1937 – this was following three previous attempts to obtain a licence; the first in 1900 was to be called The Cromwell Hotel but that application never found fruition. The application of 1914 also failed through the fact that it would be too close to another PH, The Prince of Wales, and the third ‘1919’ because of the self same reason - albeit the Brewers stating, to the Licensing authority, that the house would be called The King George – the Sovereign of the time!


Another well known and much loved place of entertainment Sparrow Farm Residents Association - the ‘club’ ‘closed its doors for the last time 10th September 2018, again, briefly, the Residents Association was formed c 1962 by 6 residents as a means of bringing social life to the estate of some 600 dwellings.

The Six were; Jack Brown, Chairman, John Tilley Vice Chairman, after whom Tilley Road Feltham is so named, Len Thomas Hon Secretary, Lou Janotti, Richard [Dickie] Bennett Treasurer and Fred Stevens who Sparrow Football Club Manager and Secretary, he ably assisted by Albert Smith as Trainer and First Aider nurtured a fledgling team of youngsters – the strip was all Blue and I played for them

The above named 6 were guarantors to the tune of £400.00 each for a loan to build the first [small] club. Additional funds came via the Brewer ‘Watney’s’ with repayment being made through ‘barrelage’, i.e. the more consumption the sooner the debt was written off.

There was also a Ladies Committee, run by Mrs Tilley and Mrs Thomas and, Mrs Skilling


Members were also advised of the immanent closure of the Railway Footbridge and permanent closure of Railway Crossing Gates. This is scheduled on or around the 15th March. The current footbridge replaced a wooden foot bridge in 1928; on which is a Bench Mark situated on the bottom right of the concrete pillar north side of the crossing.


On a lighter note a new place of worship began here in this very building 13TH January


The Secretary continued with some recent ‘recent demolitions’ 1, Manor Place, 2, Longford River (bridge parapet) High Street.

Manor Place (Alley Nr1) Bedfont Lane – brief history

Under the Enclosure of Feltham ‘1800’ this small parcel of land was on what was then ‘Feltham Common’ it was a short strip of land measuring ‘2 rods and 26 perches’ and was purchased by a Mr John Millest who at his death in 1849 aged 79 was still in occupation –but of  whom it could be said ‘did very little with it’ for no application for build was made until 1858 and by that time the ownership had passed to another and the Parish had built a number of houses for the poor(Whites Row). The image shows ‘at demolition’ part of the terrace of seven houses built 1935 and Feltham Labour Club – which was built c1948.  

Among the Images exhibited was the headstone of Mr John Millest at St Dunstan’s churchyard – it actually names him as ‘Mr’ which is unusual!

Longford River Bridge, this is also Bench Marked on its high street facing revetment, the view, here shown, was taken from the Feltham Hotel and shows the High Street Bridge.


under ‘Forthcoming Events’ the Chairman informed members of the following talk that will be given by the Hon Secretary

Cemeteries Management and Disposal of the Dead ‘a personal experience’ West Middlesex Family History Society 21st February 7-30pm  St John’s Hall St John’s Road Isleworth and Hounslow & District History Society 25th February 7-30 at United Reformed Church Chapel Road Hounslow.


Under AOB were the following

Feltham Plates (donation), members may recall a set of plates, local in nature, which were produced some years ago, this particular set were the property of the late June Gains they being donated by Mr Peter Hammond on behalf of June’s Niece - they since have been donated to Gunnersbury Park Museum.


Mention was made of Feltham Magistrates Court, the ‘Court’ is to be converted into 26 or so luxury flats, also an enquiry on Feltham Constitutional Club.


Richard Clarke of Friends of Bridge House Grounds spoke of a talk scheduled for 30th June on John Veitch the innovative nineteenth century gardener and grower who had premises in Bedfont Lane Feltham, Richard also spoke of the intention of the group to enter ‘Feltham’ into the ‘London in Bloom’ competition and lastly of the planting of a commemorative tree in the grounds of Bridge House in remembrance of Mark Savage. All that new Mark are invited 10th March at 1-30 where a planting ceremony will be undertaken by Mark’s brother Matthew followed by a blessing which will be given by Reverend Anne Dollery


The short talk was given by the Hanworth Park House Group and was ‘news like in its presentation, i.e. ‘Hanworth Park House’ ’in the News’. This was a well presented ‘broadcast’ pertaining to news items from various papers related to the ‘House’ through many years.


The meeting closed at 21-20 with the Chair advising members of the next meeting Tuesday 5th March 2019, when the short talk will be given by John Peaty on Feltham MOD (RASC, REME and other such appellations).