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Tuesday 5th September  2017, Christ Church, Hanworth Road, Feltham @ 19:50

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The Chairman commenced the September meeting with subjects under Items of interest which included the following report on the open day at St Mary’s Bedfont; the Chairman noted that it was a very well presented ‘Open Church’ and that our attendance was well received, particularly the Ordnance Survey map or West Bedfont. This report was followed by an update on the recent closure and subsequent reopening of the Red Lion; here the Secretary spoke on certain changes to the exterior stating that ‘some’ may have seen the new coloured frontage and have noticed that the sign attributed to Simon de Montfort had been removed. The Secretary continued there had been an application for ‘installation of replacement illuminated signage’ but that was refused back in June but nothing as yet has changed.

Member Andi Barnes was asked to provide an update on Feltham Magistrates Court; concluding that further investigation was necessary as to plans – but he did hope that a ‘final’ physical inspection by the group could be arranged, particularly for those who had never been asked to ‘attend’

 The next subject was the current status of Hanworth Park House the Secretary informing members that the present owner Gary Cottle had had meeting with the new conservation team at Hounslow and he stated that “they were very helpful.” This is despite comments to the contrary?


There was also a discussion on the structure known as the Mount at Hanworth and that there has been conversations as to the possibility of an archaeological dig taking place – whether this is possible needs some pursuing but it something that FHG should involved with be! The Chairman asked for comments from the floor – one such response was from Hounslow’s Local Studies Officer that the history of this local land mark was already well documented.

Feltham House – the Secretary spoke on an email that was sent to Sophia Laird Hounslow’s heritage officer re the future of this old house – this produced the following response

“I am afraid you have been misinformed. The Council is not saying the building is not worth saving at all. Shane Baker is’ the case officer’ and he is considering all of the planning considerations, including those with regards to heritage, and this will include him making an ultimate assessment on whether the current scheme is acceptable. Should he recommend refusal and this recommendation be taken forward, then we will have to look at other options for the building. Sophia says she has copied Shane in, so that he can advise you of his current thinking.

The penultimate matter on items of interest was a local authority brief concerning what is termed as Local Listings – “those of you who are not aware of what this actually is basically Hounslow have requested local people to submit what they feel in our urban landscape should be retained or refurbished” “ but it would appear that the consultation has been put back till later in the year or even the beginning of next”

Sophia Laird communicating; “we will not be opening nominations until the new year.  We have to consult firstly on the selection criteria; this will take place October- December. Following this consultation we will be opening nominations. We are asking that all local groups and individuals hold off on submitting nominations”

The Secretary informed members that he had ‘however’ complied a draft but it still required further work and indeed input from other members and locally interested persons – so as not to duplicate submissions to the listing,

Finally Feltham High Street – it would appear that the consultation on the plans or ‘vision’ (another vision) have been put back until 2018

Under Forthcoming events the Chairman informed members  of a talk and display  called ‘Hounslow in Postcards’ this is to be given by James and Mary Marshal on Friday 15th September 2017 at Chiswick Town Hall, Heathfield Terrace, Chiswick, doors open at 7.15 for 8pm.  Entry: members £1.00, non-members £2.00

The Chairman also alerted members that London Open House weekend was upon us again and would be the weekend of 16th and 17th September and that it  was a ‘free event’ the chair continued with a talk that is scheduled for November entitled Battle of Paschendale to be given by Neil Dobson –it was noted that it would coincide with the group’s normal week long display at Feltham Library 9th November at 7pm

The was nothing under AOB so the Chair introduced member Roger Cowing who gave an update on his talk given at the library last year on Public Houses – this related to the few remain Public Houses remaining in the district, examples being The Airman, The Three Horseshoes, The Moon on the Square [late Cricketers] the Running Horse – now Sunbury but for those of us who still refer to Feltham Hill as being “a part of a foreign field that will forever be Feltham” and Feltham’s newest place of imbibe The General Roy.

Next meeting 3rd October 2017

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