Monthly Website Submission, ‘Items of Interest’

This area is in response to enquiries from members and others as to the work of the group since our meeting in March; particularly the future of the monthly meetings and indeed the annual talks and walks normally produced together with the displays that are staged at various venues.

Obviously there has been a temporary hold or curtailment of activities, similarly faced by other groups and organisations ‘large or small’ and with that in mind the EC, are putting together a series of ‘items of interest’ as a means of maintaining contact.

Members will be aware that ‘items of interest’ is a general feature of our agenda each month which in the main pertains to enquires received since the previous meeting. Whereas some of the enquires are answerable in a few lines others may extend to 2 or 3 pages of explanation [with images]; it is pleasing that such enquires continue some are calls to my home but mainly via ‘emails’ therefore it is the intention to collate responses to them and submit such for posting here.

The initiative will be maintained throughout the period of the duration of the contagion that we are suffering beginning with October and featuring at least three items per month. Responses or submissions can be by any member of the group on any subject. It may well be that we may use subjects from FHG archives suitably re-written where necessary.

Alan Rice

Hon Secretary